Best way to find which gadgets suits you

When it comes to buying gadgets, a lot of care and consideration needs to go into any purchase. While quite a few brands put out products with similar functions, an equal amount cannot measure up to the competition. Knowing the difference will make you happier with your purchase, as well as keep you from spending money on something that you won’t want. Here’s what you need to know in order to make the smartest purchases on gadgets!

Figure Out What You Want
The firststep is determining what gadget you are specifically looking for. More importantly, what you can expect this particular device to do for you. If you want something that works like a portable computer but has the interface and functionality a smart phone, then newer tablet releases should fit this need. Knowing what you expect from the device will help you narrow down options as well, as there are plenty of electronics that offer less functionality and/or features than others.

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What new tools you should use for old video games


A video game is an electronic device that basically involves the interaction between human beings and user interface and thus generates the effects of a video. Earlier it was named as TV games but later as the time passed the name changed to Video games. They can be classified into educational, serious and classical games. There are countless video game characters that are being loved and admired by children of all ages. Some of them include: Mario, Pikachu, Lara Croft, Slippy Toad etc.

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Why iPhone Gaming has Bang out in Popularity

Most of the time, avid gamers always stick to gaming consoles or computer. But, people began to play games on their Smartphones only from a past few years. These days, there are so many games available on Android and iPhone. But still, the gaming on iPhone is more intriguing than Android. Many wonder what the cause of this is. Read on to know why iPhone Gaming has bang out in popularity.

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Sun Power solar discovery game: The new age gaming

Sun Power Corp., a reputed organization that manufactures highly efficient solar panels & arrays and headquartered in San Jose took a great initiative last month to educate consumers about the importance of solar energy utilization. The company launched a Facebook Contest for the consumers. The company hopes that the campaign will go viral and will definitely be more than helpful in spreading the awareness about importance of solar power. The contest is named Solar Discovery Game. The winner will be rewarded with a complete solar Power unit along with installation worth $25,000!

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Flurry: Days of paying $25 would be over soon for a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP cartridge at a retail store

Who’s taking over?

According to the new data available by mobile application analytics firm, Flurry, almost 58 percent of all portable or handheld gaming revenues in the US is been taken over by games developed for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Smartphone operating systems, surpassing the Nintendo DS Platforms and Sony PSP. Handheld games revenue, transversely for both Smartphone’s and portable handheld gaming device, will reach a staggering $3.3 billion in the year of 2011. Flurry also estimates that this segment has generated revenues of $ 2.5 billion in 2010 and whopping $2.7 billion in 2009.

Flurry’s report

Two years back the estimated hold of iOS of Apple and Android of Google, if combined together, would only account 19 percent share in portable gaming market in US, reports Flurry. On the other hand Nintendo DS was the market leader with 70 percent market share and Sony’s PSP was growing at 11 percent in 2010. Although the combined growth for iOS and Android was at 34 percent, with Nintendo’s DS further losing its shares to 57 percent and Sony PSP falling at 9 percent. Just in a matter of one year the market share of Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PSP saw a huge dip, standing at just 36 percent and 6 percent respectively. Flurry credits the increasing popularity and premium pricing model sales of smartphones for both iOS and Android for the recent acceleration in gaming revenues generated from smartphones. At the same time the companies are giving a lot of ‘freemium’ games to their users, giving a rise to 65 percent of gaming revenue in iOS store, from 39 percent earlier this year. Nintendo’s DS and Sony PSP revenues have dropped from $2.2 billion in 2009 to $1.4 billion in 2011.

Say bye to cartridges

Flurry’s Vice President of Marketing stated that within the portable category, a lot of digitally distributed games, free or $0.99, are available on a comparably priced hardware that is more powerful than the traditional gaming devices. This means that the days of spending $25 or more for a PSP cartridge are coming to an end.

Android & iOS game sales ‘surpass DS & PSP’

Smartphones leading in portable gaming

Decline in numbers

Market Share is declining for Nintendo and Sony’s soon to be legacy hardwares. Over $1.9 billion is the combined revenue for the games released on Apple iOS and Google Android mobile operating system across US this year, as per the new data survey.

Track record

If estimates of 2011 put together by analyst group Flurry are correct, it would mean that smartphone games took everyone by storm by bagging more revenue than compared to the collected revenue generated by both legendary hand held platforms from Nintendo and Sony, the DS and PSP respectively. Although there is a dilapidation in strengths of both PSP and DS, the two systems who are nearing an end to their cycle were one of the main reasons to give rise to mobile phone gaming. Both companies are working hard on their new hardware to give a tough competition and take mobile gaming to another level with their highly anticipated next generation device Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s PS Vita, which are soon to be launched. Flurry, who has kept track of data for the first ten months in 2011 and also maintained data from previous two years, reported that iOS and Android games are set to make $1.9 billion by this year alone in America.

Smartphones in the lead

However, by comparing both Nintendo‘s DS and Sony’s PSP, we realize that they are set to make around $1.4 billion by this year, falling from $1.6 billion in 2010 and staggering $2.2 billion in 2009. Flurry also claims that Nintendo’s and Sony’s share revenues for mobile games has further declined from 81 per cent in 2009 to 42 per cent this year. Wherein iOS games and Android games have tripled their growth in the market and their shares have grown from roughly 20 per cent in 2009 to nearly 60 per cent, in a matter of just two years.

Rediscovering Monty Panesar

The English cricket team might have thought that it has got gold in the form of Monty Panesar when he was selected for the national test team. After a modest debut against India in 2006, this left arm spinner rose to expectations and bowled brilliantly to the touring Pakistani team and claimed the wickets of stars like Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Yosuf and Younis Khan.

But all did not seem to be merry on Monty’s side. The spinner, who has over 100 wickets in the international cricketing arena, came across as someone who bowled with no specific plan or strategy. Perhaps this point was proved by Shane Warne, the Australian legend who said that Monty has not played 33 test matches, he played 1 test match 33 times. He also went ahead and said that during the match at Lord’s in 2008, where England was up against South Africa, Monty bowled the same delivery for 60 overs.

The real issue

Monty’s legend though began to grow in England and the fans came to see him field miserably, jump hopelessly in the field and even clobber the great Muralitharan for a maximum. He was seen as someone who was unable to bat, field, catch like a teenager who is just overexcited to be a part of the team.

After his move to Sussex, Monty himself concludes he has grown as a player. The Sussex team has played him at a leading role thus helping him in his self-belief and confidence. Warne’s assessment of Monty is somewhat true in the fact that he is more sort of a mechanical bowler than an instinctive one.

Looking ahead

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Monty Panesar, who doesn’t fit into the role of a modern day all rounder. Nor there is any problem of over enthusiasm in the field. It all comes down to England winning matches at the top level. As long as the team is doing great, and Monty can chip in wickets, he should be okay with whatever he does extra on the field.